I moved to California in March 2018 to take a job as an embedded systems engineer at Impossible Aerospace, a start-up in the South Bay pursuing electric aviation. In February of 2020 I joined Open Lunar Foundation as a flight software engineer, leading the embedded systems aspect of the project (driver development, RTOS port, bootloader architecture, etc.). Since moving to the Bay Area I have been exploring the fantastic hiking available, as well as enjoying SF.

My fascination with electronics started young – I remember disassembling a broken VCR when I was 8 or 9 just so that I could look at the circuit boards inside. I have been tinkering with electronics and programming since middle school. My first experience with microcontrollers was a Parallax Basic Stamp HomeWork board. From there, I moved onto the Atmel ATmega series of microcontrollers thanks to a friend in FIRST robotics. Lately I have been very interested in computer architecture and FPGAs.

You can view my professional experience via LinkedIn.

I have been rock climbing since August 2016. Prior to moving to California I climbed outdoor at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Currently I am recovering from a shoulder injury (mechanics problem, not traumatic injury) but plan to start exploring outdoor climbing in the Bay Area as soon as my PT clears me.

Finishing up To Defy the Laws of Tradition, a 4-star 5.10a in the Left Flank area of Red River Gorge, KY.