I am a Research Engineer at Southwest Research Institute at theĀ Ann Arbor Technical Center (AATC) in Ann Arbor, MI. I am currently pursuing a masters in computer engineering through Missouri University of Science and Technology.


I started at Southwest Research Institute in January of 2015 and have been working on applying and expanding the capability of RPECS (Rapid Prototyping Electronic Control System) to meet complex data acquisition and prototyping needs.

I have had three internships and one co-op. My first internship was in the summer of 2012 as at Honeywell FM&T in Kansas City, MO where I worked in the Mechanisms department which works with miniature electro-mechanical devices. I followed this internship with a co-op at Yaskawa American, Inc. in the Servo Applications group where I developed custom PLC libraries for customer use. In the summer of 2013 I returned to Honeywell FM&T but in the Physical Vapor Deposition Lab, where I assisted in the characterization of multiple PVD systems prior to a large industrial move. I also investigated and developed data acquisition systems for multiple PVD chambers. Starting in the spring of 2013, I began working in the Combustion and Spray Dynamics Lab at Missouri S&T where I assisted graduate students by maintaining and repairing equipment, and configuring multiple engines for operation and data acquisition. In the summer of 2014, I interned at Southwest Research Institute in Ann Arbor, MI where I leveraged the existing RPECS platform to develop turnkey, one-of-a-kind data acquisition devices as well as developed the ability to reconfigure the RPECS FPGAs using an application on the SBC instead of an external JTAG connection.

Technical Interests

I have several technical interests, including:

  • Research and Development
  • Computer architecture
  • Embedded systems
  • PCB design and assembly
  • Engine control systems
  • Internal Combustion Engines

Personal Interests

I have been rock climbing since August 2016. In addition to being a regular at the local climbing gym, I climb outside at Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

Finishing up To Defy the Laws of Tradition, a 4-star 5.10a in the Left Flank area of Red River Gorge, KY.